PT2.1 - Engineering Goals

1.1 Roles & Timeline

Project Manager- Joshua Chua
Wheel Engineer- Zhu Zhan Yan
Drivetrain Engineer-Nigel Tan
Chassis Engineer-Joshua Chua


Time Stanges in the PT
T1W8 Mousetrap Car Briefing
T1W8 Planning(In Class)
-Engineering goals
-Brainstorming & Designs
T1W9 Planning(Out of Class)
-Evaluation & Decision Matrices
-Design Rationales
T1W9 Selection Of Design
March Holidays Sourcing for materials
March Holidays Construction of Car
T2W1 Fine Tuning of Car
T2W2 Final Assessment of car
T2W2 Peer Review
T2W2 Submission of Blog

Problem Statement
To build a mouse trap car, powered solely by the standard issue mouse trap, that can accelerate to the highest possible and travel 8m in a straight line on asphalt.  To achieve this  we have to get as much acceleration as possible and still travel 8 meters. We also need to reduce the weight of the mousetrap car without losing traction with the asphalt. We also need to make sure that the mousetrap car travels in a straight line. We also have to reduce the friction between the wheels and the chassis

1. The standard issue mousetrap must be mounted on the vehicle chassis.
2. The spring on the mousetrap may not be cut, bent, overwound, heat-treated or altered in any manner.
3. No additional source of elastic potential energy should be incorporated into the engine/drivetrain mechanism.
4. The additional input of energy of any form to the vehicle is forbidden.
5. Participants may supply their own materials and are encouraged to use recycled materials. Kit are prohibited.
6. Distance traveled will be measured in a stright line, with reference to the front axle of the vehicle from the start point to the point where the front axle stops or leaves the designated testing area.
7. Vehicle must have either 3 or 4 wheels.
8. Engineering modifications such as gearing, use of lubricants, bushings and bearings are permitted.
9. Final assessment will consist of a maximum of 3 trial runs out of which the run with the best score will be recorded.

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